What is the difference between my business portrait photography in Yorkshire and head shots? 

Let’s chat through my perspective from An Open Book….

For the last twelve years or so I have been creating photographs that aim to tell a story – and this really sums up my approach to business portrait photography in Yorkshire. 

But does this include what many businesses refer to as “head shots?” Well, not really. 

My definition of a head shot is a head and shoulders photograph, often against a plain background which is designed to simply show the identity of a person – these are often used in company brochures for example or on “About us” sections on websites, for some social media profiles such as LinkedIn and in press releases for example. Head shots are also typically associated with actors who will need to send their photograph to casting agents so they benefit from having a professional photograph taking in this way to show their facial features, hair and eye colour etc. Sometimes, head shots are taken in studios with consistent lighting and backdrops. That’s not an exhaustive list of where head shot photography is usually seen, but that hopefully gives you the idea. 

A lifestyle business portrait is something quite different. And this is my style of portrait and where you’ll see An Open Book Photography showcasing this kind of work. There are varying descriptions of this style too – some might call these kinds of photo shoots “personal branding,” or “environmental portraits” or simply “business portraits.” I’m not sure everyone will know what a lifestyle business portrait is, so I prefer to describe my work as “storytelling portraits.”

What I mean by this is that I will want to convey a “business story” in my work creating business portrait photography in Yorkshire for my clients. The way I do this is to take in the environment in which a business is either located or a relevant environment for the type of work a business creates or delivers. 

Examples of this might include photographing an artist at work in their studio, and these storytelling portraits also take in some of the detail of their work – close ups of what they are creating for example – as well as ensuring their audience can connect with them as a person and who they are buying from. 

Business photography Yorkshire artist

And I will always want to bring about some creativity and personality in the way I capture a business portrait – and this might be with interesting backgrounds, composition or an unusual angle or perspective. My approach is to work with a business to understand the brand so that I can craft the right kinds of images to work hard for a business. I aim to work in available natural light where possible, to bring about a beautiful and authentic style in my business portrait photography. Every story I capture for a business will look different because of the unique and individual nature of that business. 

Portrait of a Yorkshire writer

In the world of online marketing and sales and the busy world of social media, the importance of creative and compelling business portraiture has never been more so. And this is where a collection of storytelling images is one of the best investments a business can make. Not only does it help a brand stand out professionally, telling a business story, but it brings about connection, loyalty and ultimately sales or bookings! Because business portraiture is all about being more visible and it helps sell more of what you do! 

relaxed business portrait Leeds

I cover many areas with my branding and business portrait photography in Yorkshire including Leeds, Harrogate, York, Skipton, Ilkley, York, Bradford, Wakefield as well as countryside businesses in North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales. Not forgetting businesses in the Ribble Valley and Lancashire as I’m based very close to those too! 

If you’d like to chat through how I might be able to help tell your business story with creative portraits, I’d love to hear from you, just drop me a message here.

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Until next time,
Kathryn x
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