Natural family photography in the Yorkshire countryside

A Mum, Dad and baby portrait smiling at the camera

And here are my top three reasons to enjoy your natural family photography in Yorkshire!

As a family portrait photographer in Yorkshire, I know for most people, that being photographed isn’t always something to feel overjoyed about! We all (including me) have our insecurities about how we look on photographs and that can influence us in terms of enjoying the experience – and indeed, it can put us off altogether from even booking a family photo shoot!

However, I have some advice for you as to how to adjust your mindset so that you can enjoy being photographed…..

  1. When you look back on this time together, you will be so happy that you have some photographs like this.

Time races by at such a fast pace – we all have busy lives and children seem to grow up so quickly – from babes in arms to active toddlers, to grumpy teenagers in the blink of an eye! And it’s so easy to miss the moments together, racing from one thing to another, juggling the busy-ness of family life and barely managing to slow down. A family photo shoot with me is as much about spending time together as it is having some photographs; taking time out of daily life and enjoying each other’s company – I then capture such special moments that you can look back on with happiness and joy. Putting it quite bluntly, you will never get this time back – but photographs enable you to have those memories forever.

My work as a natural family photographer in Yorkshire is all about capturing natural moments of you together, nothing too posed or forced, simply moments that I observe and photograph in an unobtrusive way. I want you to have beautiful photographs to look back on and for your future generations to be over-joyed when they look back on them too.

2. So my second reason to enjoy being photographed as a family, is simply to take time out together and I will capture that special time.

Because I work outdoors mostly and photograph families in natural light with a natural backdrop, this means that there is so much less pressure than in a more structured environment such as a studio for example. Whenever families are together in the outdoors, there are things to look at and enjoy together and those moments of interaction come about naturally without me having to direct – in fact, I direct very little!

A close up photograph of a Mum, Dad and baby chuckling in the middle
A black and white photograph of a baby smiling at the camera and Mum and Dad smiling at the baby

Family photography in beautiful places such as Skipton, Ilkley, Harrogate and the Yorkshire Dales means that I have a wide array of beautiful backdrops to work with and families can be relaxed and at ease in these settings.

So my final little piece of advice for you to enjoy being photographed as a family is simply this….

3. Trust me! I have been photographing people, families, babies and children for over a decade and I am very relaxed in how I work. When capturing children, babies and four-legged family members too, there is an unpredictability in how things will go on the day – but I am very used to that and I adapt accordingly. Me being at ease, will also help you to feel at ease and things will flow naturally and I will always be able to capture some special moments. So you have no need to worry if we need to take a breather on the shoot, have some time out or adjust things in any way – it is all in a day’s work for me! So try and relax and enjoy this time together – you will thank your future selves for booking a family photo shoot in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside – I promise you.

A black and white image of baby laughing with a cosy coat on and Mum and Dad laughing with him
A Mum and Dad holding hands together whilst walking towards the camera with their baby in arms and a stone barn in the background

If you’d like more information from me regarding natural family photography in Yorkshire, just drop me a line here and I’d love to help you preserve some beautiful memories together.

Until next time,
Kathryn x
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